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Overnight Care

What is A* Overnight Care?

At A* Star Care, we offer A* Overnight Care services to ensure your peace of mind and provide dedicated support throughout the night. We understand the importance of feeling safe and well-supported at home, regardless of the time. Our experienced and compassionate Care Professionals are available to deliver personalized care and assistance during the night, tailored to your specific needs.

Our Overnight Care options include both sleep-in services and waking night services, allowing us to accommodate your unique requirements. Whether you or your loved one requires regular assistance throughout the night, such as medication administration or help with mobility, or simply desires the reassurance of a comforting presence nearby, our overnight care is designed to meet your needs.

Sleep-In Care

  • Enhanced Comfort: Our Sleep-in Service involves a Care Professional staying overnight in your home while you sleep. This service is ideal for individuals who do not require active care during the night but would benefit from having a caregiver nearby for reassurance and companionship
  • Alleviating Anxiety: For those who may feel uncomfortable or anxious being alone at night, our Sleep-in Service provides a familiar and supportive presence. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with progressive conditions like dementia, as having a caregiver nearby can help alleviate feelings of confusion, disorientation, and stress.
  • Restful Sleep: Knowing that a trained and compassionate Care Professional is sleeping close by can greatly enhance overall well-being. You or your loved one can enjoy a good night's sleep without worrying about emergencies or needing assistance. Additionally, our Sleep-in Service may include support with bedtime routines and breakfast preparation in the morning, ensuring a smooth start to the day.

Waking Night Care

  • Active Overnight Support: Our Waking Night Service entails a dedicated Care Professional who remains awake and alert throughout the night, providing continuous care and support. This service is suitable for individuals who require regular assistance and monitoring during nighttime hours.
  • Comprehensive Care: Our experienced Care Professionals are trained to address a range of needs, including assistance with personal care, continence management, medication administration, bathroom visits, repositioning, and helping individuals orient themselves to the time of day to encourage restful sleep.
  • Personalized Approach: We understand that your overnight care needs may change over time or due to changing circumstances. Our Care Professionals work closely with you to provide personalized care, adapting to your evolving requirements and ensuring you live well at home, your way.

At A* Star Care, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional overnight care services. Whether you opt for our Sleep-in or Waking Night Service, our experienced Care Professionals will provide compassionate support, fostering a safe and comfortable environment throughout the night. Rest assured, your well-being and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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