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Temporary Staffing

A* Compliance and vetting

A Star Care invests in comprehensive vetting and screening processes to ensure candidates meet the compliance standards set by NHS Employers and relevant frameworks, providing recruiters with peace of mind regarding the compliance status of the professionals.

A* Quality assurance

The agency only accepts the highest calibre doctors, nurses, and carers, ensuring that recruiters have access to top-quality professionals for their temporary staffing needs.


A* Support

Recruiters receive personalized and dedicated support from the agency's experienced consultants throughout the placement process, ensuring a smooth and positive experience.

A* candidate pool

A Star Care has more than 3,000 registered healthcare professionals available for temporary placement, ensuring a wide selection of highly skilled candidates.

A* Placements

With a robust and efficient recruitment process, A Star Care can quickly match professionals' skills to the specific needs of recruiters, enabling fast placements to meet urgent staffing requirements.

A* Rates

A Star Care offers attractive rates of pay to their healthcare professionals, making their temporary placements appealing to candidates and increasing the likelihood of securing high-quality professionals for recruiters.

Need to book a Healthcare professional urgently? 

We can deal with urgent placements and keep your service safe and caring by placing our fully compliant staff in a mater of hours!

Temporary Healthcare Professionals at your fingertips

In the dynamic healthcare industry, temporary staffing plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being of the entire population. From locums and contractors to freelancers, these mobile healthcare professionals are crucial, especially in times of staff shortages and high demand for key roles.

A* Star Care understands the significance of this workforce and has dedicated recruitment consultants and compliance teams. They diligently onboard and vet healthcare professionals on a daily basis, monitoring their availability to supply staff at short notice or for extended periods.

Our temporary staff seamlessly integrate into employers' teams, adapting to fast-paced environments with their experience and flexibility. They can work in a temporary capacity over extended periods if needed.

We take pride in offering nursing and healthcare professionals the opportunity to manage their careers flexibly. By providing work that allows them to balance other aspects of their lives while utilizing their expertise in patient care, we help retain talented individuals who may have otherwise left the sector.

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